Welcome to SmartPool, the exchange-led trading platform matching buyers and sellers in a non displayed environment.

SmartPool is a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) operated by Euronext since 2009. It enables institutional investors who want to trade promptly, anonymously and in bulk the opportunity to carry out their transactions:

  • With reduced market impact

  • At improved execution prices, through our mid-point matching algorithm

  • With access to the most diverse trading community in Europe

SmartPool provides trading in stocks from 15 European countries, including stocks listed on the  four  Euronext markets.

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SmartPool growth continues with launch of Swiss securities segment

Lee Hodgkinson, SmartPool CEO commented, " We are delighted to announce the addition of Swiss securities to our expanding service offering. SmartPool users regularly achieve price improvements of between 4-6 basis points per trade in large cap securities with even greater price efficiences evidenced in mid-cap stocks - we look forward to extending these benefits to our Swiss segment."

In the news: FTSE Global Markets

"By means of NYSE Euronext's Universal Trading Platform, our European cash customers can access the regulated markets, NYSE Arca Europe and SmartPool via the same gateways, protocols and market data platform on the same matching engine."  Lee Hodgkinson, CEO SmartPool.